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Quick access to 16 of our top blog posts of the past three years, on how to ace the DELE exam

Our DELEhelp blog has established itself as THE authoritative resource, in English, for students preparing for the Spanish DELE exam (and for its new online twin, the SIELE, as well as for the American equivalent, the OPI). To make access easier, and give you a bird’s eye overview of what is available, we’ve copied below the blog banners for each of our top 16 posts. All you need to do, is click on a banner to be taken directly to that post.

Buena suerte with your exam prep!

See how the different exam components are grouped together and averages calculated.
20 Top Tips for Acing the DELE exam ORAL tasks
Sephardic Jews Spain return DELE A2 language test
ACE your DELE EXAM by getting to know the curriculum
History is part of the DELE exam curriculum
The best prep for the DELE exam is to expand your VOCABULARY
Three top “been there, done it” tips for effective exam preparation for the DELE / SIELE & OPI
DELE exam functional language use a key part of curriculum
Top Tips for Acing the DELE / SIELE & WPT written tasks
The scoring criteria used in the assessment of your DELE exam ORAL test
LINKS to top DELE exam prep RESOURCES
For effective DELE exam prep, your need a personalized study plan
DELE exam reading comprehension top tips
Come to our award-winning partner school for Spanish immersion in La Antigua Guatemala
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Willem Steenkamp
Director of Studies at Excellentia Didactica online language institute; retired ambassador and former head of diplomatic academy of South Africa. D. Litt. et Phil., DELE C2 (SIELE exam center coordinator & OPI proctor)

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