Revised 2020 DELE exam dates

revised DELE dates 2020
Revised 2020 DELE exam dates

Due to the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic, Spain’s Instituto Cervantes published revised 2020 DELE exam dates (as seen in the header image).

Extra exam days have been added for late in July and October, to make up for those that needed to be cancelled in April and May.

It is important to keep in mind that registrations close well before the exam dates – make sure that you have completed, submitted and paid yours before the final registration dates as set out in the table.

The written exams are always held on a Friday morning, except for the double sessions scheduled for Friday 13 and Saturday 14 November. Exam centers may schedule the oral expression part of the exam for the day before the written session, or for the afternoon of exam day – check with your center on which day/ at what time you will be up to meet with the oral examiners. The results are typically available three months after the exam.

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Given the ever-changing health risks that the pandemic may in future pose, at different times and in different locations, it is important to check and regularly re-check with your exam center, in case new restrictions may affect their particular ability to offer a scheduled exam.

Unlike the DELE with its periodic group exams, the SIELE (the online twin of the DELE) and the American OPIc – both being exams of individuals done online, on dates of your choice – are essentially not impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. LTI, who administer the OPIc, have however made in-home proctored exams possible in certain cases. In the case of the SIELE, local restrictions applying at specific exam centers at different points in time, may however have a bearing, so remember to check.

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