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DELE exam preparation Top Twelve Blogposts of 2016

Hola, since we are all busy (and, therefore, sometimes useful things do slip by unnoticed) here’s a quick recap of twelve of our top blogposts of 2016, each full of useful, practical tips for acing the DELE exam. To go to a specific post, just click on the relevant cover image below.

These posts cover every aspect of successful DELE exam preparation – from the need to know and understand the DELE curriculum (which consists of much more than just grammar) and the manner in which the DELE exam’s different sections are scored,  through the vital importance of a personalized study plan, to content issues such as how to ace the oral expression exam, the written expression, as well as the multiple choice sections dealing with comprehension testing.

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Buena suerte with your preparation for the examen DELE !     Salu2    Willem

How to ace the DELE multiple choice sections

Vocabulary is key to acing the DELE exam

You need a personalized STUDY PLAN

Learn how to converse fluently in Spanish

FREE online DELE exam preparation resources

Top Tested Answers to DELE EXAM FAQ’s

DELE exam written expression

Know the scoring for DELE written exam

DELE exam preparation blogpost explaining oral scoring

Know how the DELE oral is scored

History a part of DELE curriculum


You need to know the DELE curriculum

DELE exam preparation blogpost on oral

20 TOP TIPS for acing DELE oral


DELE exam preparation functional language use blogpost

The Functional Language Use skills you need








Willem Steenkamp
Director of Studies at Excellentia Didactica online language institute; retired ambassador and former head of diplomatic academy of South Africa. D. Litt. et Phil., DELE C2 (SIELE exam center coordinator & OPI proctor)


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