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Sefardis, there’s still time to pass the DELE A2 Spanish exam

Willem Steenkamp
Director of Studies at Excellentia Didactica online language institute; retired ambassador and former head of diplomatic academy of South Africa. D. Litt. et Phil., DELE C2 (SIELE exam center coordinator & OPI proctor)

4 thoughts on “Sefardis, there’s still time to pass the DELE A2 Spanish exam

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  2. Spaniard2Be

    Thanks for the post!

    I have been in the process of applying and was relieved when I saw the concession regarding DELE exam. However, on the online portal, I am still experiencing the link between the exam and being able to apply? Any ideas how to actually submit the application without the DELE results? Do I need to do anything special here?

    I have registered for the Sept 13th Exam, but I don’t expect my results will be back before Sept 30th and I would like to make an appointment with the Notary ASAP, but this doesn’t seem possible with the current online platform.

    Appreciate any guidance you can provide! Thanks!

    1. Willem Steenkamp Post author

      Hola – I’m not an expert on the online nationality application platform of the Spanish authorities, so I cannot respond with any certainty. What I would suggest is that you make contact with a knowledgeable Spanish attorney / notary asap (the Facebook pages on the Sephardic nationality concession topic may provide guidance & contact particulars). Best of luck with your DELE A2 exam on Friday the 13th!

      1. Spaniard2Be

        Thanks for your suggestion!

        So far everything has worked out. I learned that as long as the application is in progress with documents uploaded, the portal would continue to process the application beyond Oct 1st. I just received my DELE results today and have successfully passed to the Notary step!

        Turns out Friday the 13th can yield surprisingly good results 🙂

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