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Our DELEhelp Team, our Town, our Value Proposition


La Antigua Guatemala

THE DELEhelp TEAM and the value we can add to your DELE / SIELE exam preparation:

Have you ever wished to have a native Spanish-speaking tutor as well as a native English-speaking one, when you started learning Spanish? I know that I did! A Spanish one for pronunciation and for practicing speaking idiomatically. An English one for explaining tough concepts to me, and for understanding my questions – most of which I couldn’t yet formulate in understandable Spanish.

Have you ever wished for a tutor who had actually sat the DELE exam him/herself? Especially when you’re trying to figure out how, and for what exactly, to prepare – beyond being pumped full of grammar? (Again, I did every day, because the typical tutors were stuck on grammar and mostly incapable of explaining the examen DELE / SIELE curriculum, their formats, objectives and the scoring criteria to me).

Now it goes without saying that one needs a native Spanish-speaking teacher. We are fortunate that our head tutor and her team are experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated. Monica has been teaching Spanish as foreign language since 1997, after studying at the Rafael Landivar university in Guatemala. She’s a native of the beautiful old colonial city of La Antigua Guatemala. Monica speaks in the well articulated, measured and very correct manner that’s typical of the inhabitants of this former capital of all of Spanish Central America (which is one of the reasons why La Antigua is the pre-eminent place for studying Spanish as foreign language – students don’t have problems with tutors who speak too fast or with heavy accents). In addition to her tutoring role, Monica also is president of our mother company (GREXPA – Grupo Excellentia Panamericano s.a., of which Excellentia Didactica or eDELE for short is part, with DELEhelp in turn a division of eDELE). She also happens to be my dear wife.

That said, I must now introduce myself. My name is Willem Steenkamp. I’m the Director of Studies of Excellentia Didactica. My past experience includes being a former head of the South African diplomatic academy (I also had the honor and privilege to have served as ambassador for President Nelson Mandela). In addition to my PhD, I’m a qualified lawyer. I speak five languages, and can read a few more. As to Spanish, I passed the DELE C2, so I know it first-hand. I’m also up-to-date with IT, having recently won Panama’s Plan de Salto (which rewarded me with a sponsored study tour of Silicon Valley and its big-name campuses).  I’m telling you this not to brag, but to show that I’ve “been there and have done it” – all of what you are now confronted with. It also shows that we have the academic skills to develop the study material, methods and individualized study plans our students need. I’ve published a few novels, as a hobby, because I like writing. The Workbooks we provide our students with, free, come from my pen.

Presenting Letters of Credence as ambassador.

Presenting Letters of Credence as ambassador.

At Excellentia Didactica we are also fortunate to have a very strong Academic Board that guides and reviews our methods and materials – for more information on its composition,  please visit the homepage of our secure website: 

The website also explains our different course packages. In addition to the DELEhelp  course specialized in exam preparation, we have others such as FLEXI-Spanish (relaxed conversational classes), Spanish ACCESS (which stands for Accelerated Conversation Course for English-speaking Students, for beginners), Vocational Spanish especially for medical professionals, diplomats, and those serving in religious capacities, plus SpanishTeachAssistant, which helps teachers with preparing for their own certification exams, as well as providing a solution for advanced children who are way above the class norm and who can benefit from doing one-on-one online classes with our tutors, rather than being stuck at that time in the general classroom context.


Monica in her "office with a view"

Monica presenting a class via Skype from her “office with a view”


The unique skills, experience and knowledge that we can offer candidates preparing for the DELE diploma exams, are:

  • individualized, one-on-one tutoring via Skype, with a customized study plan developed for you, based on your personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Free in-house study material, in English, i.a. explaining the DELE curriculum, format, desired outcomes and objectives, as well as the exam scoring criteria (in other words, those vitally important things that are so hard to find in English on the internet).
  • Assistance and tutoring provided in Spanish and in English, as needed, both at native-speaker level.
  • Spanish tutors from an environment where the language is spoken slowly, clearly and correctly, who are all trained and experienced in teaching Spanish as foreign language, on-line.
  • A philosophy that views the exam preparation challenges primarily from the student’s perspective.
  • Familiarity with IT and its real-world applications, optimizing benefits for home-based students studying online.
  • Battle-tested methods that grew from own, first-hand practical experience, coupled with top academic expertise.
  • A practical rather than theoretical teaching approach, with concrete exam acing tips, aimed at positive exam results.
  • Affordability, because of being based in low-cost Guatemala.
Willem and Monica at the famed ancient Maya city of Tikal, Guatemala.

Willem and Monica at the famed ancient Maya city of Tikal, Guatemala.

Here’s a quick 2-minute YouTube video introducing and explaining DELEhelp’s exam prep services, if you’re by now tired of reading:

To watch a 2-minute video introducing DELEhelp’s exam prep services, click on this image.


Our residential arm for immersion tuition here in La Antigua is the award-winning Spanish Academy PROBIGUA (just as eDELE is their online tuition arm). I am actually the director of studies for both. PROBIGUA is a non-profit, which has received the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Award and was recognized by pope Francis. It is also  the accredited SIELE exam center of La Antigua, of which I am the official coordinator. To get an idea of the immersion experiences we can offer, click on the image below to go to the PROBIGUA website:

Our immersion school in La Antigua Guatemala


Our home town of La Antigua Guatemala is relevant to the uniqueness of what we can offer DELE students, for a number of reasons.

La Antigua is firstly steeped in history, with exceptional natural and cultural beauty that has made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most visited destination in Central America. Its beauty can be appreciated from these photos: or by watching this 6-minute video produced by the New York Times:

For centuries La Antigua was the capital of all of what was Spain’s Central American empire located between Panama City and Mexico City.  Situated in the highlands at some 1,500 meters above sea level, the city attracted administrators, clergy and academics from the ambit of the royal court in Madrid.  These learned men implanted a very correct and classical form of speech, with proper articulation and without regional accents, which has endured among the population to this day. In short, they naturally speak slowly, clearly and correctly – exactly what students pray for in their tutors. No wonder that La Antigua is recognized as one of the principal places in the world for studying Spanish as foreign language (which means that we have lots of experienced tutors that we can draw upon).

A quick aside – you may have heard of the phenomenon of “lowland” and “highland” Spanish: the two quite distinct versions of Spanish that is commonly encountered in Latin America.  This distinction has got nothing really to do with altitude, which as such obviously has no influence on people’s speech. What happened is that the Spanish imperial bureaucrats tended to establish their capital cities in the highlands to avoid the heat and tropical diseases.  Commerce, though, was mostly based at the port cities along the coast.  The bureaucrats and clergy were mostly from the Madrid elite, speaking pure Castilian. The folks in the lowlands, though, were largely from the southern Spanish province of Andalusia (particularly from around the port city of Seville) and from the Spanish Atlantic islands, who transmitted their distinct dialect and accent to where they settled.

In addition to the benefit of an ample supply of well qualified, experienced tutors who speak slowly, clearly and correctly, La Antigua also offers an excellent infrastructure for language learning, with large modern DELE & SIELE exam centers and good internet connections for Skype classes.

The third major benefit that La Antigua and Guatemala offers, is financial. Guatemala’s cost of living is very low (compared to the USA and Europe) which means that we can offer one-on-one, personalized Skype tutoring at only US$12 per hour. This includes our free in-house study material, as well as our time preparing classes and reviewing homework or model exams. Payment is quick, secure and easy, with PayPal.

I hope this quick introduction has given you a more concrete and personal idea of who we are, where we’re from, and what we can contribute to your DELE / SIELE exam preparation.  To allow you to get to know us even better, we offer a FREE one hour exploratory Skype session, with absolutely no obligation. All you need to do is use the convenient contact form on this page to drop me a line, so that we can set up a date and time.

Get our FREE exam acing handbook

To get an idea of our in-house study material, use the same contact form and we’ll send you for free (and again without any obligation), a link for downloading our 96-page Workbook 9.2: DELE /SIELE exam orientation and acing tips.  This unique DELE / SIELE exam preparation book explains the curriculum, the system’s objectives and the exam scoring criteria, with battle-tested tips for acing the reading and audio comprehension as well as how to put your best foot forward in the written and oral expression tasks.

Buena suerte with your exam preparation – I hope your efforts will be crowned with success.


This is what the DELE C.2 Diploma looks like.

This is what the DELE C.2 Diploma looks like.

No better, or cheaper, DELE / SIELE exam prep anywhere


Willem Steenkamp
Director of Studies at Excellentia Didactica online language institute; retired ambassador and former head of diplomatic academy of South Africa. D. Litt. et Phil., DELE C2 (SIELE exam center coordinator & OPI proctor)

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  1. Ellen Milad

    I am interested in your program and would like to take advantage of the one hour introductory Skype lesson. I am a beginner student- not brand new but, I need a lot of help! That said, I’m very motivated to learn. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,

    1. Willem Steenkamp Post author

      Hola Ellen – thank you for your interest. I have sent you an e-mail in response. Looking forward to meeting you soon via Skype. Salu2 Willem

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